what would be the odds of finding a quality fishing product on you tube fishing videos?

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you tube fishing videos

I know firsthand how interesting it is to be able to watch videos of ordinary people on You Tube and I can tell you the odds are pretty good that you can find a quality fishing product on You Tube fishing videos. Somehow it seems that the authenticity of someone not acting but being themselves truly opening a product for the first time gives you a feeling of being right there with them like on Christmas morning. I know because I have watched intently while a fishing product was being opened for the first time before my eyes and seeing the expression on the owner’s face and their reactions while describing the product. It created in me much more interest in the fishing gear that I would soon own myself perhaps. The anticipation of being able to see a reel being used catching fish makes it that more interesting and certainly helps in the decision process for sure.

I personally have purchased fishing sonar detectors as well as fishing lures by watching You Tube videos. If you have never used this type of platform to help you in a fishing gear purchase you should give it a try before your next purchase. One of the great advantages is being able to see the product review through several different eyes. What I mean is that you can watch several videos of the same product as You Tube has literally thousands upon thousands of videos. This allows you to take your time and make an informed decision. I have noticed that a lot of companies sponsor amateur and professional videos and offer some discounted prices on products that would otherwise cost a lot more in retail stores or some items that aren’t even available in stores at all. I love to fresh water fish and one of the species of fish that I like going after is the crappie which is a great tasting pan fish.

I mentioned earlier that I bought a sonar product that I would have to say I was somewhat skeptical about it after seeing my first video of the product. I did watch several videos of what is called the unboxing in You Tube world which is as you may have guessed is the unpackaging of the product part of the video. I probably knew as much about the sonar device than the engineers that created it in the first place or at least I felt like I did. I remember one video which the device was being used on a river in which I could see the whole picture come together in my mind. What I mean by that is up to that point I knew what application it was to be used for and seen it numerous situations. I understood how to set up the sonar device, downloaded any apps needed from the app store and how to set up details such as clarity and depth functions prior to purchase. But It was only when I seen it in action on that river is when I could say to myself I want one of those. So, what would be the odds of finding a quality fishing product on you tube fishing video's? By now you can tell the odds are pretty good.

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